Who Else Wants a High Paying Job?

high paying jobs It is no longer news, that many of us are paid less than we deserve, and less than our male colleagues, for the work that we do, but women want high paying jobs too. We can earn more by following this career advice for women from fellow women.

How to Get High Paying Jobs

1. Get Qualified

Earning a qualification or gaining a skill that is in great demand can increase your chances of getting one of the high paying jobs.

These high-earning qualifications include degrees in law, medicine and engineering, commercial pilot’s licenses and many other professional qualifications in accounting, tax, property etc.

2. Cultivate Your People Skills

Soft skills are also in demand, so learn how to communicate effectively and manage people. Show off your skills during  job interviews and use them at work to impress your employer and earn promotions.

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3. Learn Build Relationships

Networking can play an important role in your career. Build strong, cooperative relationships with clients, co-workers, and people in other companies. This might help you get useful information and advice, as well as practical help with your career.

4. Find Your Unique Selling Point

Do you have any unusual skills that could help you at work? Does your background help you to understand your clients better? Have you helped raise money for charity, travelled the world, or overcome extreme hardship?

Standing out from the crowd can increase your chances of winning promotions or getting a new job. It can also convince your bosses that you are irreplaceable and worth paying more to keep.

5. Speak Up

If you spot a problem at work, or if you come up with a great idea, tell someone about it. Better still, tell your manager. If you can help your employer to save money or to increase their profits, you will be much more likely to earn promotions and pay rises.

6. Choose a Career With Great Earning Potential

Taking on a highly skilled, competitive, dangerous, or distasteful job can be a great way to earn more, but remember that you can earn a lot at the top of any field.

7. Pick a Company That Will Help You Grow

A big company can offer great opportunities for training and advancement, including extra support and career advice for women, while a smaller one could enable you to become a key player. Think about your future in the company before you accept a job offer.

8. Join a Union or Professional Body

Joining a supportive organisation can help you to make contacts in your field. It can also give you access to useful resources to help with training and finding employment. You can also find support if you have a problem at work or if you aren‘t being paid fairly.

9. Grab Every Opportunity

Keep your CV updated and take every chance to apply for a promotion or a better job. The worst that can happen is that your application is rejected.

10. Ask for More

Make sure that you are talking to your boss regularly about your career plans, your accomplishments, and whether it is time for a raise. All your hard work can go unrecognised if you don’t ask for more from your employer.

Your Turn…

Do you have any tip to share on how to get high paying jobs? Please post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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