8 Simple Ways to Keep Fit On a Budget (Gym Membership Not Required!)

ways to keep fit on a budget Here are 8 ways to keep fit on a budget without a gym membership.

Are you looking for ways to keep fit but don’t fancy blowing your entire budget at the same time? We don’t blame you! It’s so easy to get caught up in a web of expensive gym contracts and extra fitness purchases that you can’t afford.

However, there are ways to keep fit on a budget that will cost you very little, and some are completely free! Read on for some ideas on how to achieve your fitness goals without breaking your budget.

8 Simple Ways to Keep Fit On a Budget

1. Use your smartphone

Looking for a coach that will encourage you to get in shape? The answer may be in your back pocket!

There are many smartphone fitness apps that work as your own personal trainer, encouraging you to log workouts, helping keep a track of calorie intake, and collecting stats on activities you’ve done, such as running or cycling, so that you can see how you improve over time.

The prices of the apps change depending how much input you want, but many of them are completely free.

2. Cycle to work

We all know that cycling is good for us, but did you know that your body keeps burning calories even after you’ve stopped cycling?

According to Mark Simpson of Loughborough University, even if you only cycle for 30 minutes, the number of total calories you burn for a few hours afterwards could be higher than it would be otherwise.

Doesn’t that make the idea of cycling to work that much more attractive? On top of that, you save yourself money on petrol or public transportation!

3. Do a 5K run

If you’re not used to running, the idea of doing a five kilometre run is probably daunting; however, we’re not suggesting you get out there and do it straight away!

There are many couch-to-5k programmes available, most of which were designed for people who are not used to running. These programmes help by building up stamina so you’ll eventually find 5k a breeze!

One such programme is the NHS’s excellent and totally free couch to 5k programme. This nine-week course helps participants gradually build up their running ability so that by the end of the course they can run 5K without stopping.

4. Play ping pong!

If you want to get fit and have fun at the time, ping pong may be just the thing for you, and, luckily, there are outdoor tables available throughout the UK for use by the public.

Most are located in town centres, and your local tourist information office should be able to help you locate the one nearest to you.

5. Visit YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic website to visit for free exercise programmes. You can easily customize your own playlist, including yoga, boxing, aerobics – whatever floats your boat – and, if you get bored with your lineup, you can easily change it for something else.

And the best part (apart from the fact that it’s totally free!) is that you have an instructor right there in front of you guiding you through each of the exercises.

Just be sure that you are watching a professional, so that you know you are getting the correct advice.

6. Dance!

A great way to work out that doesn’t feel at all like exercise is dancing.

This can mean a full-on session on a girl’s night out at a club (drink lots of water!) or a good old boogie at home – the choice is yours, but a good session of dancing works all your major muscle groups (a great mood booster!)

A great way to work out that doesn’t feel at all like exercise is dancing. Click To Tweet

7. Make a mini gym at home

We’re not talking anything too high-tech here (unless that’s the direction you want to take it).

Think hand weights, an exercise ball, a resistance band: all these inexpensive items can be used to work out and tone your body, and all can be done in front of the TV after or before work.

8. Swim wild

If you love to swim but are put off by the extortionate price charged at your local pool, have a look and see if you can find a local river or lake where you can swim amongst nature for absolutely nothing!

To find a safe location near you, check out the Wild Swimming website.

Now, it’s your turn!

Do you have any ways to keep fit that require spending little to no money? We would love to hear from you!









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