7 Ways To Celebrate Singledom this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for singlesThe shops are full of naff pink cards, and the restaurants are advertising mediocre four-course meals for twice their normal price. There’s a roaring trade to be done in red roses, and boxes of Dairy Milk Tray are inevitably on mark-down in Tesco.

But come February 14 this year, it’s time to do something a little different. Rather than wallowing at home alone feeling miserable, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day for singles? It’s a great way to blow away the winter blues.

6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Singles

1. Treat Yourself to Dinner

Dinner for two is an expensive affair, but if there’s only one to pay for then you can really splash out and have a decadent meal! Book a table at a restaurant you love, or buy your favourite ingredients and cook up a storm at home.

If you are dining alone at a restaurant, you can be sure that the waiting staff will treat you like a queen, assuming that you’ve been stood up by a reckless fool.

You might well find that you get a glass or two of Champagne on the house, and the people watching is a giggle as you look around at the stilted conversation of other people’s first dates.

2. Party, Party, Party!

Get out, let your hair down, and enjoy yourself.

There are plenty of special events happening the weekends either side of Valentine’s Day this year, and it doesn’t matter a jot whether you go alone, with a partner, or with friends.

One of the most exciting options for Valentine’s Day for singles is the Lost Heart’s Valentine’s Ball in London. Masks are compulsory — so who knows who you’ll meet — and there’s an eclectic line up of entertainment across four stages, as well as aerial artists, a petting menagerie, and hot tub cinema screenings.

Toploader is going to be performing at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and there’s a special musical Lonely Hearts Club at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, so single or not, there are great ways to celebrate your singledom this Valentine’s Day.

3. Feline Lonely?

This year Battersea Cats and Dogs Home is opening its doors on Valentine’s Day for singles who want to find a furry match.

The evening costs just £7, and you’ll get a glass of Champagne and the chance to meet and pet all sorts of cuddly kitties.

Not only could this be the start of a long-term love affair with someone who is undemanding and appreciates you, but you’ll be rehoming a cat who might otherwise not find a forever home.

If you’re more of a dog person, however, you and your pooch can watch a film together in Reading at the Valentine’s Movie Night for Dog Lovers. Sparkling wine and dog treats are included!

4. Learn Something New

Get out this Valentine’s Day and learn a new skill. It’s a great way to have a laugh, meet people, and may even be the start of a new hobby.

This Valentine’s Day for singles there are numerous workshops happening across the country, and you’re guaranteed to find something which interests you.

Some of our favourite options thus far include a Valentine’s Day indoor climbing session in Liverpool, beginners star gazing near Ambleside, and a painting and wine class in Birmingham.

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich has regular late night openings for adults, and one of them falls this year on Valentine’s Day.

There are talks, workshops, and activities, and you can also catch one of the museum’s excellent exhibitions. Our pick for Valentine’s Day for singles is to see Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity, the rags to riches story of Admiral Nelson’s mistress and muse.

6. Celebrate With Friends

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for singles doesn’t mean that you have to spend the day alone. Call up your single friends and organise a dinner party, or a movie night in.

If you want to get dressed up and have a giggle, there are Valentine’s Day themed murder mystery games where you can indulge your inner thespian, but if all you want to do is get the girls together for a night of wine and popcorn, choose one of the 50 best romcoms of all time.

6. Invest in yourself

A typical Valentine’s Day can cost upwards of £200 once you’ve factored in cards, gifts, and a meal out.

Why not take the money you would otherwise have spent and put it towards a bigger, more enduring project?

You can put the money in a savings account for something you want or need later in the year, invest it and watch the amount grow, or even use the sum to pay off a hunk of your overdraft. It’s not glamorous but will give you a sense of achievement.

Valentine’s Day for singles is underrated, but actually whilst the couples of the world are occupied with one another, there are plenty of opportunities for you to go out (or stay home) and enjoy yourself unencumbered by the expectations or someone else.

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Your Turn

What plans do you have to celebrate your singledom and the independence it gives you to be your own woman this February 14?

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