7 Exciting Things to Do on Valentine’s Day That Won’t Blow Your Budget!

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is definitely the number one date in the calendar for spoiling a loved one but what if you’re on a tight budget?

Perhaps you’re saving money towards a new home, or you want to buy a car, perhaps you are saving towards a holiday or maybe you just don’t have the cash to splash at the moment.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some romantic Valentine’s Day fun. In fact, often it’s the little things that count so much more than expensive gifts and treats.

It’s much more memorable to receive a gift or be taken on a specially prepared outing which has been long thought about and presented with care and attention.

It makes Valentine’s Day much more worthwhile and will be appreciated more.

Exciting Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

So what are the romantic things can you do on Valentine’s Day which don’t cost a fortune? Check out some of our favourite ideas:

1. Prepare a Romantic Dinner

A lovely meal you have cooked yourself will cost far less than going out. Being creative in the kitchen and dotting a few lit candles around the room with some sensual aromatherapy scents can be every bit as romantic as going out to a restaurant.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for dining out so most restaurants squeeze in as many tables as they can – which often reduces the romance….Eating at home is so much more intimate.

Find out what your other half just loves to eat and do some research into how to cook it. Remember to try out the dishes beforehand so you don’t panic at the last moment.

Why not pick some flowers from the garden if there are any in season and place them in the middle of the table?

A bottle of wine and some soft music with gentle lighting and a warm, cosy setting is just what you need to get in the mood for love!

2. Get Free Cinema Tickets!

If you have an EE phone contract, you can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets at VUE every Wednesday so why not make this a Valentine’s Day’s treat with your loved one?

Add a box of chocolates or a big box of popcorn – and you’ve got the perfect (and cheap) night out. Cuddling up in the cinema has to be one of the favourite things to do on Valentine’s Day.

3. Go Out For Free!

Do something for free; there are plenty of cultural opportunities in cities and large towns which don’t cost a penny. Go to an art gallery, visit a museum and check out your area’s must-see monuments.

Strolling round an art gallery is a gorgeous thing to do with your loved one and as well as spending time together you get to see something different.

Alternatively find somewhere with an incredible view (weather permitting) and sit and watch the world go by with your partner. Just being together is half the fun on Valentine’s Day.

4. Download a Movie

By the same token, if you’re not with EE and you fancy a romantic movie with your partner then download a weepy movie, perhaps The Notebook or a Hollywood great such as Gone with the Wind and cuddle up on the sofa.

Buy a bottle of Prosecco (or Champagne if the budget stretches to it), a big box of chocolates with all your favourite centres, dim the lights, grab the duvet and enjoy some at-home romance.

5. Treat Your Loved One To A Budget Gift

Vouchercodes.co.uk is a super website for discounts so if you know your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favourite brands, why not search to see if there are any discount codes?

There are often 10% off or 15% off codes on certain items and students get special concessions on lots of different high street names so a gift might not be out of the question…

6. Eat Out On A Different Night!

Restaurants notoriously inflate their prices on Valentine’s Day because it is one of the most popular nights of the year for couples to enjoy a meal out.

Be clever and dodge the crowds – why not eat out on a different night? Choose the day before or the day after for your special table and remember, like our suggestion above, vouchercodes.co.uk have plenty of high street eatery discounts.

Pizza Express, Prezzo and Café Rouge are a few of the popular names which offer regular discounts so check them out on voucher websites.

7. Say It With…A Plant!

The price of flowers is another thing that gets bumped up on Valentine’s Day so if you want to save money – buy a pretty plant instead of a big bouquet.

There are plenty of advantages to a plant over flowers.

Firstly, a plant lives longer, secondly a flowering plant can be just as beautiful as a bunch of flowers and finally…if you buy a plant which is suitable for planting outdoors later on, it will last forever…just like your love for each other!

We hope this list helps you find some exciting things to do on Valentine’s Day as well as some ideas to spoil your loved one without breaking the bank!

Your Turn…

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  1. I love these ideas, especially n. 1 and n. 3. They’re so romantic! Thanks for sharing such interesting post!

    1. Hi Eugenia, thank you very much for taking the time to share your comments. I am glad you found the post useful.

  2. Banned Brooke says:

    My hubby and I followed your advice and ate out a week earlier. Less crowds and better prices lead to less stress and a better mindset for romance! We also found a bar downtown that didn’t have a cover charge even though they had live bands playing. That was a lot of fun and free!

  3. Awesome ideas! I’ll be asking my husband for a plant this year, instead of a bouquet. 🙂

    1. That sounds like a brilliant idea and thank you for taking the tme to leave your comments.

  4. I love the idea of finding somewhere free in your town and going there. You forget about just being together and having fun! Great list!

  5. I love these tips! My husband and i never go out on Valentine’s day! The crowds are just not for me! We usually cook at home. In the past one of us has made the other’s favorite dinner or we’ve cooked something together. Then we usually watch a chick flick on Netflix. I love your idea to go out on another night. It’s like your own secret valentine’s day. And the plant idea is a great one too!

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