Student Accommodation: How to Attract Student Tenants

Landlords who own rental properties in university towns and cities have a readily available source of income on their doorsteps from the yearly influx of students arriving to study. However, there will probably always be a certain degree of competition when it comes to attracting enough tenants.

To help you fill your properties, here are 4 of the most popular design features in 2023 that young people will be on the look-out for as they search for the perfect student accommodation. By including these trends in your rental properties, you will make them instantly more appealing to the younger generation.

Make Your Properties More Eco-Friendly

Research has revealed that Generation Z is the most eco-conscious generation, placing a firm focus on sustainability and choosing environmentally-friendly products. As a result, they will be more likely to choose accommodation that has been designed in alignment with their planet-conscious ethos.

If you are wondering how you can make your rental properties more sustainable, there are a number of options at your fingertips. These include sourcing furnishings made from environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled metal, cork, bamboo, and sustainably sourced woods; reclaiming and reusing fixtures and furnishings; and installing energy and water-saving devices, such as tap aerators and LED lighting.

Provide The Right Technology

For current and future generations of students, technology plays a crucial role in daily life, and this reliance should inform your interior design if you want to attract young people to your properties.

For example, you can take inspiration from the student houses from student-cribs, all of which are well-equipped and offer WiFi and other convenience-enhancing appliances.

While Wi-Fi is certainly a must, you may also want to think about installing wired internet access points, to ensure a stable connection for your student tenants.

Embrace ‘Dopamine Dressing’

A popular design trend of 2023, which is sure to appeal to students seeking accommodation, is ‘dopamine dressing’. This trend is characterised by the use of vibrant colours and patterns, as well as appealing textures, which all combine to create a mood-boosting environment.

In particular, bright hues and uplifting prints can be incorporated throughout the home, such as sunny yellows and oranges, peppy pinks, and rich blues. You can introduce these joyous colours and patterns using paint, wallpaper, and carefully chosen artworks for an overall design effect that is sure to put a smile on the face of any prospective tenants.

Create Mood-Boosting ‘Spathrooms’

The past few years have been hard on all of us, and as a result, the design world has witnessed an upsurge of trends geared toward improving mental and physical well-being (also known as ‘comfort-core’).

One such trend, which hard-working student tenants will be happy you have decided to embrace, is the ‘spathroom’: bathrooms inspired by spas. Need some suggestions as to how to create a spa-like bathroom on a budget?

Making some simple but effective changes can instantly create a soothing haven. These include installing more luxurious showerheads and taps; providing plenty of bathroom storage in the form of shelving, cabinets and drawers; using a soothing, neutral colour scheme; and introducing reflective surfaces such as mirrors and chrome fixtures and fittings to enhance the natural light.

In Conclusion

By incorporating these popular design trends throughout your rental properties, you won’t find it hard to attract eager student tenants who will appreciate the effort you have made to create a more appealing and conscientious living space.

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