15 Lucrative Small Business Ideas for Women

Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women

Fulfil your potential as a Girl Boss this year with one of our inspiring small business ideas for women.

In 2020, it is time to step out of the shadows and become the Girl Boss you’ve always wanted to be. Statistics show that there are now more than double the number of female entrepreneurs that there were 20 years ago, and women are actually more likely to start businesses than their male counterparts.

There’s an independent, savvy businesswoman in all of us; are you ready to let her out and pursue financial success?

The first hurdle is finding a concept which excites you and is commercially viable. That’s why we’ve picked 15 small business ideas for women to get you thinking. From bricks and mortar operations to B2C eCommerce solutions, kick start your own business this year.

Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women

small business ideas for women | Business Ideas for women

1. Online Trader

The high street is fading, but in its place, online retailers are booming. Pick a specialist product you understand well and are passionate about, source your products from a reliable supplier, then start building and marketing your brand to generate a steady stream of sales. You can sell your products on sites such Amazon, Esty and Ebay.

2. Content Creator

Content is king on the Internet, and there’s constant demand for fresh images, video, blogs, and other forms of engaging content. If you have an eye for digital marketing and want an location independent business, why not establish a content agency?

Are you looking to start a blog? Here is a simple, step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog and make money.

3. Travel Agent

Our appetite for travel is never ending: the industry is worth around $7 trillion a year! If you can enthuse customers about new destinations, converting their wanderlust into sales, this is a small business idea that has plenty of opportunity to grow.

4. Event Caterer

Everyone around us is overworked, but we still love to entertain. If you’re a whizz in the kitchen — or can command a catering team and deliver great service — event catering and management is always in high demand, whether it is for swanky dinner parties, weddings and christenings, Christmas parties, or corporate events.

5. Web Designer

A web design agency is an ideal small business idea for women who want to combine artistic and technical skills.

You don’t need to do all the aspects of the web design and develop process yourself: if your strength and interest is in functionality and layout, focus on that, and then employ a team to code.

6. Physiotherapist

Training and qualifying as a physiotherapist can be done in as little as two years on an accelerated course. It is a profession which is in high demand, and you can quickly build up your business to provide services to both NHS patients and those paying for private care.

With an ageing population in the UK, this is definitely a future-proofed business idea.

7. Tutor

Do you have a post graduate degree and/or teaching experience? Convert your academic knowledge into a profitable small business by tutoring.

STEM subject specialists are hugely sought after, but there are also tutoring opportunities for those who can teach English as a second language, and support students approaching school and university entrance exams. Hours are flexible, and you can scale your business fast using freelance tutors.

8. Accountant

Women with a head for figures should seriously consider a business in accountancy or book-keeping. You can study and qualify online, and usually service clients remotely.

Hourly fees are high, and there are plenty of opportunities for ongoing professional development.

9. Graphic Designer

Indulge your artistic side with a creative small business idea. Graphic design has so many applications, from interiors and street art, to posters, websites, and flyers.

Establish your agency and build B2B partnerships with other small business who need your creative input.

small business ideas for women

10. Handywoman

No one ever seems to be able to get an electrician or plumber when they need one – especially a handywoman. Be the answer to their prayers!

Local colleges run trade courses, and there is year round work for skilled tradesmen, almost all of whom are self employed or have limited companies. You’ll also be bucking gender stereotypes: girl power!

11. Smallholder

Be your own boss and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. For many, this is the dream. Buy or rent a plot of land — perhaps starting with an allotment or your own garden — and see what you can produce.

You might grow organic vegetables for local restaurants, raise chickens and sell their eggs, or produce honey for the local market. Get back in touch with the Earth.

12. Architect

Training as an architect requires a big time commitment but almost all those who complete Part 3 of the course go on to run their own businesses.

Architecture is a business which encompasses creativity, engineering, law, and more, so you’re guaranteed to be mentally stimulated, as well as well remunerated.

13. Beauty Therapist

Lists of small business ideas for women often contain “hairdresser” or “beauty therapist” because they don’t require academic qualifications, only practical training.

You can work from home, rent shop space, or even visit clients in their offices. It’s a business which suits women (or men!) with excellent communication skills, and who can make their customers feel relaxed.

14. Career Coach

If you’ve got extensive experience within a high profile company or public sector organisation, other women will want to learn from you. Establish yourself as a career coach and share your insight.

Not only can you earn good revenue, but you’ll also be helping a new generation of women to smash the glass ceiling and rise to the top.

15. Literary Agent

Do you love books and think you can spot a potential best seller? Literary agents review dozens of manuscripts each month, and pitch the very best to publishers.

You’ll be able to read everything from poetry to novels before it hits the shelves, and might even discover the next Man Booker Prize winner.

Which of our small business ideas for women inspires you? Do share your thoughts in the comments, and get ready to launch your own small business this year.

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