5 Reasons Why Any Woman Will Succeed In Business

why women will succeed in businessThere has always been a strong trend towards male business owners, but recently women have been closing the gap. In fact, there has never been a better time for women to take the plunge in the form of a start-up.

Here are five of the best reasons why women succeed in business, so you can stop procrastinating and get your business up and running today.

5 Reasons Women Will Succeed In Business

1. Finding Funding Has Never Been Easier

The development of the online world has opened endless opportunities and made globally reaching business accessible to just about everyone.

Thanks to the Internet, networking has never been easier and neither has the ability to attract attention from prospective customers.

With this comes the possibility of sourcing funding and investment from those with an understanding and desire for the product or service being proposed.

Crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter and f-crowd have taken it one step further and made it possible for all great ideas with enough support to generate the required capital. Are you a crowdfunding novice? Find out more with our interview with a crowdfunding expert on What is Crowdfunding?

2. Women Are Risk Averse (and that’s a good thing!)

The fact that women are notably more careful with their money and more averse to taking risks than men is definitely something worth taking advantage of.

It’s not about being brave enough to take the risk, but about putting the necessary safety nets in place before making the jump, this is  a great skill to possess in order to succeed in business.

Most businesses can be started on a part-time basis, so rather than quitting today, spending all your savings on stock and then hoping for the best, begin working on your business in your spare time.

Build it up slowly but surely, increasing the amount of time, energy and money you invest as the business grows.

3. Fellow Women are Paving The Way

Another reason that proves all women are capable of entrepreneurial success is the fact that it is happening increasingly all around us.

In the past there has been a lack of female CEO role models, but today they are coming increasingly to the foreground of the business world.

Check out the stories behind the founders of Spanx and Artizian Catering for just two examples of proof and inspiration that women have what it takes to be succeed in business.

4. Women are Skilled and Experienced at Multitasking

In the past entrepreneurs often had to make the choice between careers and family life. While men had slightly more freedom to come and go, women were expected to be there to raise the family.

While there is no doubt that starting a business takes a great deal of time, it’s also true that business processes can be achieved more quickly and often from the home.

Women no longer have to sacrifice time with the family to focus purely on their business, and as we all know, we are perfectly capable of doing both.

Of course multitasking doesn’t start and end with juggling family life, but is also one of the skills that actually make women so perfectly suited for handling all aspects of their business.

5. Your Idea Is Original and You’ve Identified a Gap in The Market

Finally, one of the most significant reasons for getting your business underway is the fact that it is relevant now.

Assuming your idea is a good one, that gap in the market you’ve identified may not be there forever, so get your idea out there and recognised, ready to meet the demand. 

Your Turn…

What do you need to do next to kick-start your own business —or take your dreams and goals to the next level? You can leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great post..hit the nail on the head there. Us women rule (the world?)

  2. Jen Pattison says:

    Great post! Also, check out your local council for any business start-up grants that will help for extra funding to get up and running.

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