Take back control of your financial life once and for all.

As your personal financial coach, I will help you create financial goals you can actually achieve, so you can turn your financial dreams into concrete realities.

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Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Money management feels overwhelming.
  • You just can’t seem to find spare money to save up or invest.
  • You are living living paycheck to paycheck, with too many financial commitments.
  • You think financial freedom is just a pipe dream.  
  • You are struggling to stick to a budget and feels like you're in a downward spiral.
  • You have no consistent savings plan or frustrated by your lack of savings.
  • You can’t seem to pay off your debts. #VICIOUSCYCLE
  • You are in the sand when it comes to your finances.
  • You’re scared of investing.
  • You just can't seem to stay MOTIVATED especially when progress is so slow.

If you are feeling ANY of these, you are in the right place and you’re not alone!

You need a coach to show you a proven money plan to create the life you REALLY want with your money.

"For those of you who think you can’t afford a financial coach, think again! Can I really afford that, I hear you ask? I urge you to contact Esther. She will listen to your current situation, your goals and dreams, then create an action plan for your financial success."

- Angela

Working With Me is Easy

1. Schedule an Appointment

This is a hassle-free, no-obligation call to get to know each other a bit. It gives me a chance to hear more about your situation, your goals and dreams as well as gives you a chance to see if we'll be a good fit.

2. Create a Plan Together

Once we identify your areas of biggest need, I will send you a personalised report on how we can work together to achieve your financial goals faster.

3. Work the Plan Together

True change comes when behavior is adjusted, not simply understanding concepts. I'm here to coach you along the way to help you reach your goals and experience a year of financial transformation.

"Esther supported me in setting clear financial goals I could actually achieve. With her guidance, I learned to spend intentionally. Her tools and guidance made the process manageable."

- Emily

Ready to Take Control of your Finances?

The Financial Success Roadmap lays out the proven path to financial success. It is a powerful roadmap that will show you exact steps you can take to get your personal finances back on track!

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Financial Coaching Packages

Financial MOT

1 Month One-on-One Coaching – coaching focused on getting financially organised and focused.

  • Up to 4 Weekly Sessions
  • 15-minute Weekly checkups
  • Tools and resources
  • Telephone and e-mail support.

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Financial Pace Setter

3 Months One-on-One Coaching – coaching focused on making long lasting positive change!.

  • Up to 12 Weekly Sessions
  • 15-minute Weekly checkups
  • Tools and resources
  • Telephone and e-mail support.

Begin now with a free consultation.

Financial Full

6 Months One-on-One Coaching – coaching to decide what you REALLY want with a 6-12 months plan to make it happen!

  • Up to 24 Weekly Sessions
  • 15-minute Weekly checkups
  • Tools and resources
  • Telephone and e-mail support.

Begin now with a free consultation.

Reach Your Financial Goals Faster with Financial Coaching

Navigating the complexities of money can be overwhelming, and it's all too common to question where your earnings disappear each month. The uncertainty of today can make planning for a stable financial future seem like an insurmountable challenge. But it doesn't have to be that way—I'm here to guide you through the process.

Empowering others, especially women, to avoid the financial pitfalls I encountered in the past is my passion. Throughout my personal journey, I often doubted my ability to achieve financial goals.

Burdened by excessive debt, I felt stifled and distressed, affecting even my basic needs like sleep and proper nutrition. Determined to break free, I discovered strategies to swiftly eliminate debt, allowing me to live life on my terms rather than being constrained by creditors.

Consider this: just as we enlist personal trainers for fitness, travel agents for vacation planning, and mechanics for car repairs, why not engage a coach to assist in breaking free from debt and reclaiming control of your financial life?

Working with me as your coach is straightforward. Let's arrange a complimentary call to discuss your financial aspirations, evaluate your current situation, and identify your goals. Subsequently, I'll provide you with a tailored strategy—a roadmap to leverage your resources and turn your financial dreams into reality.

If you choose, I'll be your guide, collaborating to create a personalised plan that will accelerate your journey toward financial success. In a a few months, you'll witness a transformation—from financial overwhelm to peace and from confusion to confidence.

Without a coach, you risk costly mistakes that consume life's most precious commodities: time, money, and financial independence. With a coach, you benefit from the collective wisdom of those who've walked this path before. Schedule your appointment today, and let's embark on your quest for financial freedom. To set up a meeting, simply click HERE.

"She is always there to offer you support as and when you need it. I took the leap! In just 3 months my debt has reduced significantly, I now know where I’m heading and where I want to be. It’s no different than using a fitness coach but for your personal finances. Trust me, you’ll see the results."

- Sophie

The Debt Free Coach

Hi, I'm Esther.

I help women get out of debt quickly so they can achieve financial independence.

In fact, I first started my blog, Money Nuggets, in 2015 after paying off £32,000 of debt in 2 years!

Honestly, I was kind-of a financial disaster in almost every way. Too much debt, not enough money, nor time to stay financially organised.

Over the past few years, I’ve gone from financial overwhelm and knowing nothing about money to taking control of my finances and achieving my money goals.

If I can do this so, can you!

Schedule your free consultation!

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