Fantastic Mother’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Mother’s Day Ideas

When you’re going through a rough patch financially, the days you have to spend money and celebrate tend to come thick and fast with very little warning.

Mother’s Day is the perfect example, once Valentine’s Day is out of the way there’s no time to have a breather – you’re straight back out there forking out for flowers and gifts.

Of course, we all love our Mums to bits, and understandably we want to give back our thanks on the special day.

We can’t move for endless adverts for expensive products and trips advertised for Mother’s Day, and that tends to make us link the big day with spending lots of money. Wrong! Here are a few mother’s day ideas to make your lovely Mum feel special for less….

Mother’s Day Ideas that won’t Cost you a Fortune

1. Save on Flowers

Everybody loves flowers on a special day like Mother’s Day. A good tip to get lovely flowers at a lower price is – to not buy them last minute.

Supermarkets and florists will whack up their prices closer to the day. So, buying them even a week before Mother’s Day will save money.

You’re probably thinking ‘won’t they just die?’ – no they won’t! Simple tricks to keep them nice and healthy, like searing the ends of the stems in boiling water, or putting a drop of bleach in the vase are brilliant for keeping them fit for the big day.

2. Make a Special Card

Buying a Mother’s Day card is one of those essentials to making your Mum feel special. You can buy them from supermarkets and card shops, but these cards are usually way more expensive than other cards.

A good tip is to visit pound shops, these wonderful places sell brilliant and loving cards for two thirds cheaper than other retailers.

Or why not make a card instead? – it’ll be cheaper and personal too!

3. Take Your Mum For A Picnic

When we think of treating our Mums on the big day, our minds quickly jump to luxury spa days and weekends away that could leave us counting the pennies after.

A great way to show your love is to just give time. Your mum will appreciate your company far more than an expensive facial.

So why not make a picnic with some lovely chocolate and drinks, take it to your local park or gardens and have a lovely day in the sun (weather permitting).

You can have a laugh and a great time, without the black cloud of financial worry above you.

4. Give Your Mum Some Pampering – For Half the Cost

If you want to give your Mum and yourself a day of pampering and grooming, you don’t have to fork out the big bucks on expensive preening and polishing.

You can do it at home! Face masks and facial pouches can be bought from pharmacies, supermarkets and other shops for as little as 99p (Seventh Heaven  is a great brand).

These facials are exactly the same as more expensive masks, and can really make your skin feel wonderful.

They’re just a bit messier to use! So put your feet up with your mum, light some scented candles, put on some relaxing music and unwind. You can read our handy on how to create a spa day at home.

5. Free Days Out

There are loads of places you can visit for free and have a great time with your mum.

Some museums and art galleries are not only free of charge, they are also fascinating and give you a lovely culture boost!

You can also treat your Mum to a lovely lunch and cream tea in the café afterwards.  You can find free museums in your area here.

6. Make Something Meaningful

Showing you love your Mum shouldn’t cause you to be broke afterwards, as it’s not all about the money after all.

Making something for your Mum will mean so much more than grabbing a gift at last minute. Whether that’s writing a poem for her or making a jewellery box, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative.

One of the most popular and cost effective gifts to make is a re-enactment of a childhood photo. Go through some of her favourite pics of you and have fun taking some snaps! Yes, that may mean getting messy too…

So there you have it, six brilliant tips to help you save on Mother’s Day. Regardless of what you spend or save, at the end of the day all you need to do is show your Mum how much you love her.

By not focusing too much on the cost and working hard to make your Mum smile is the best way to make her feel loved. Plus, if it all goes wrong, she’s bound to say ‘it’s the thought that counts!

Your Turn…

How do you show your love for your Mum on Mother’s Day? Can you add to our tips? We’d love to hear your Mother’s Day ideas.

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  1. I always love to receive a homemade card from my girls, I have them all saved from previous years. Some good tips here thanks.

  2. I have bought a couple of art kits from Yellow Moon and will be making our own cards and photo frames with Emma for both my mother and my mother in law. I know they will appreciate the effort more than any bought in card!xx

  3. Oh gosh, these are all cool ideas. I almost feel guilty I recently wrote quite the opposite of this ?

  4. My favourite Mothers Day was a visit to the beach and handmade cards from the kids – it didn’t cost a penny

  5. Great ideas here just shows that mothers day doesn’t have to cost the earth.

  6. My mum is getting flowers and I ordered them a while back incase I forget x

  7. Lovely ideas – I usually have home made cards which I treasure. I don’t think our Welsh weather will stretch to us enjoying a picnic! Kaz x

  8. These are great idea, we make cards now, with my daughter – it’s lots of fun and it saves money too. I also feel like the handmade cards are appreciated more too.

  9. Some lovely ideas here. Its the same with all similar occassions the shops just seem to cash in time and time again.

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