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Save money on lunch

Do you love eating out often? Learning how to eat out on a budget is key to sticking to your financial goals.

Saving money while eating out can be a challenge. Especially in the face of rising living costs and financial uncertainties; it’s more important than ever to find ways to save money on your food spending.

As women, it’s essential that we empower ourselves by taking control of our financial situation and finding creative ways to make the most out of every penny.

I use to love to eating out at restaurants very often. I enjoy trying new cuisines and love the excitement of dining out. However, I quickly realised that I was spending more money than I could afford on food and drinks, and my love for eating out was causing a strain on my budget.

So, I decided to come up with a plan to save money while still being able to indulge in my love for dining out.

I started researching restaurants that offered discounts and promotions on certain days of the week. I also looked for happy hour deals that offered discounted prices on drinks and appetizers.

But then again, finding great discounts was can be very time-consuming and onerous. One great way to overcome this challenge, save time and money is by making good use of discount cards, like tastecard.

What is a tastecard?

Tastecard is a restaurant discount card that also gives you great deals on many activities so you can enjoy meals out, attractions, coffee treats and even pizza delivery at great prices, all while keeping a watchful eye on your budget.

Making savvy choices with tastecard

What if you could save an average of £23 per restaurant meal, £24 on pizza delivery orders, or £1.20 per coffee?

That’s exactly what tastecard offers its members, having saved its users over £9 million in 2022 alone. With offers like 2 for 1 on starters, mains, and desserts at popular, or 50% off pizza on orders, it’s clear to see how the savings can quickly add up.

As you make the most of your money, remember saving money isn’t confined to one city or area; with a tool like tastecard in your financial toolbox, you can save money throughout the UK, from Edinburgh to fantastic restaurant deals in London.

The geographical flexibility amplifies the power of your pounds and can truly help you save more money overtime.

So, no matter where you find yourself, you can confidently engage with the local gastronomy scene knowing you’re sticking to your budget and taking the rights steps towards securing your financial future.

How do I use tastecard?

Using your tastecard is straightforward: simply sign-up via the website or app, check the list of participating businesses, and make your booking.

Make sure to mention your tastecard when booking and upon arrival. And if you’re wondering, yes, you can absolutely use the tastecard app instead of carrying a physical card!

More than just food

Tastecard isn’t only about dining. It offers deals on popular UK tourist attractions, making fun family outings more affordable.

With discounts on tickets to Alton Towers, SEA LIFE centres, iFLY Indoor Skydiving, and Virgin Experience Days, it ensures fun isn’t compromised by budget restrictions. So, you can save on restaurant deals in London to lunches in Edinburgh.

Joining tastecard

Joining tastecard is easy: simply visit their website or sign-up via their app. Annual membership is currently priced at £34.99.

And if you’re uncertain about making a year’s commitment, tastecard offers a 90-day trial for just £1, which converts to £39.99 at the end of the trial period. What’s not to like? Remember, this offer may be subject to change.

Is tastecard worth it?

During tough financial times, it’s more important than ever to stretch our money as far as it can go.

Dining out and enjoying fun activities can seem like a luxury, but with tastecard, these experiences become more affordable, allowing you to still indulge in life’s pleasures while keeping a firm grip on your financial reins.

Additionally, making smart financial decisions doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself. Savings from budget shopping, haggling, or using cashback credit cards and sites can be re-invested into experiences that enhance your lifestyle, making money management an enjoyable part of your life.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to stick to a food budget when you love eating out, with tastecard, this is much more achievable. So why not give it a try?

Remember, eating out should be an enjoyable experience, but being mindful of your budget and making savvy choices can help you save money while still indulging in your favourite pleasures. And that’s precisely what tastecard can help you achieve.

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