Jump-Start Your Finances with the Power of Gratitude

the power of gratitudeIt’s time to indulge our inner Oprah and talk about the power of gratitude! Specifically, how living with gratitude can lead to greater wealth.

Yes, really! Study upon study has shown that those who regularly acknowledge and give thanks for their lot are able to achieve greater wealth, both financially and spiritually.

However, be sure not to confuse gratitude with blind optimism; gratitude is anything but blind. Gratitude is about being honest with yourself, learning from your mistakes and applying the wisdom gained to future ventures, all while being kind to yourself.

Ingratitude and Scarcity

Far too often we focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. The problem with ingratitude is that you could have the world at your feet and you would still  think it is not enough.

Psychologically, this leads to the feeling that you are not enough, which in turn leads to resentment and jealousy of other’s achievements.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that is hard to break out of unless you make a conscious decision to practice gratitude. It’s too easy to get caught up in a mental war, thinking “why me?” and “it’s not fair!” when something doesn’t go according to plan.

However, being stuck in a cycle of negative thinking only leads to more negative thinking, and you become stuck.

Bottom line: negative thoughts never lead to positive actions. You want wealth? Start looking at what you DO have and be thankful for that.

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How Does Gratitude Lead to Greater Wealth?

When we choose to focus on what is right about our lives, a strange thing starts to happen. We feel more fulfilled, more content, and we start to notice that the world isn’t nearly as threatening as we once thought.

What you look for you will find, and this is never as true as it is when it comes to the way we perceive the world.

But how does feeling grateful attract wealth?

Well, studies have shown that people who are grateful for what they have are less materialistic than those who aren’t.

Scientists believe that part of the reason for this is that people who are unsatisfied with their lot tend to squander their earnings on unnecessary objects in order to fill the void.

On the other hand, people who are content with what they have tend to save their money. Also, and these can be both financially and emotionally rewarding.

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How to Develop Gratitude

So how exactly DO you obtain gratitude?

the power of gratitude

Well, it is not something magical that simply happens to us. We don’t just wake up one morning feeling grateful and patient. Indeed, it can sometimes feel downright impossible to find the good in a bad situation, but it’s there if you look hard enough.

There is always a lesson to be found. Ultimately, gratitude is something that has to be worked on, but luckily the path to gratitude is a wonderful one, and one that is immensely rewarding. Here are four ways that you can start practicing gratitude today:

1. Every day find something or somebody to be grateful for and say ‘thank you’ out loud. This can be done on your own or shared with family.

2. Give at least one compliment every day, but make sure it is genuine and be as specific as possible. The other person will feel valued and you will have created a connection.

3. There are ups and downs in daily life; that is just part of being human. Every day, find one thing that is less than ideal and look for something you can learn from the experience.

4. Keep a gratitude journal. Throughout the day, write down the things and people that you are  grateful for. Carry the journal with you at all times so you can have a browse during the times that you’re feeling stressed and anything but grateful!

In her book ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’ Marie-Claire Carlyle recommends writing minimum of 5 things you are grateful for before going to bed daily.

Keep these up and in no time you’ll have less stress in your life so will be making better financial choices, such as paying off debt or making better investing decisions. Mostly, you’ll experience the joy of going through your day and enjoying it for what it is, rather than always wanting more.

Your Turn…

What are you grateful for in your life? Do you make time to acknowledge it? We’d love to hear from you!

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