How to Build Emergency Fund in 6 Months (Even on a Tight Budget)

how to build an emergency fund quicklyLife isn’t always sweet. Bad things happen. You could lose your job, your car might die or the boiler might freeze up.

And if you don’t have a financial buffer to fall back on it can make a bad situation worse.

It’s a fact that most Brits do not have the extra means to deal with the unexpected. A survey by Money Advice Service found that nearly half of British adults do not have more than £500 in savings.

Do you feel a surge of panic when you think about things going wrong and not being able to pay for it?

But what if you could build up a realistic emergency fund in six months? That’s the sort of challenge we like here at Money Nuggets. So we’ve put together some ways you can make your emergency fund a reality…FAST.


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