She’s Got Cents: Financial Lessons from Inspirational Women

As International Women’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the remarkable journeys of inspirational women who have defied the odds and achieved financial success.

These stories serve as beacons of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of resilience, determination, and financial savvy.

One such tale is that of a woman who went from struggling to make ends meet to becoming one of the wealthiest self-made individuals in the world.

Before she captivated readers worldwide with her tales of magic and adventure, J.K. Rowling was a single mother facing financial hardship while living on welfare.

It was during these challenging times that the idea for Harry Potter first sparked in her imagination, jotted down on napkins in crowded cafes as her baby slept nearby.

Rowling’s journey from welfare recipient to literary icon demonstrates the incredible power of perseverance, creativity, and financial resilience.

Her story serves as a powerful reminder that success is not dictated by our circumstances, but by our determination to overcome them and forge our own paths.

And Rowling is not alone in her journey of overcoming adversity to achieve financial success.

From Oprah Winfrey, who has defied the odds and carved out her own path to financial success, to Elizabeth Arden, who transformed the beauty industry with her cosmetics empire, to modern-day trailblazers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, these women have left an indelible mark on history, imparting invaluable financial lessons along the way.

They embody the transformative power of resilience, determination, and financial savvy.

With International Women’s Day fast approaching, let’s delve into the lives of these extraordinary inspirational women and uncover the money lessons hidden within their achievements.

From savvy investment strategies to bold career moves, each story offers insights that can inform and inspire our own financial journeys.

Join us in celebrating the wisdom and resilience of these remarkable women as we uncover valuable nuggets of wisdom that can enrich your own financial journey.

Financial Lessons from Inspirational Women

Whether you’re just starting out or aiming for greater heights, their stories remind us that with perseverance, initiative, and a sprinkle of courage, anything is possible.

1. Beyoncé’s Financial Wisdom: Take Charge of Your Financial Destiny

Money Lessons You Can Learn From Beyoncé

“Ever heard the saying ‘Power is not given to you. You have to take it’? Beyoncé’s got that lesson down pat, and it’s not just about music – it’s about taking charge of your financial future too.

Instead of sitting around waiting for good things to happen, Beyoncé teaches us to go out and make them happen.

That means being proactive about finding ways to move up, negotiate better deals, and grow financially. It’s all about owning your situation and making smart choices to set yourself up for success.

Beyoncé’s own journey echoes her famous line, “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” Well, that’s not just a catchy line – it’s a mindset. She’s all about taking control of her career and finances, and she wants us to do the same.

One big lesson from Beyoncé is about knowing your worth and standing up for it. Take her deal with Tidal, for example.

Instead of settling for a regular endorsement, she went for a piece of the pie, getting equity in the company. That move didn’t just make her richer – it gave her a say in how things are run.

By making savvy deals and owning her work, Beyoncé’s built a fortune while staying in the driver’s seat of her career. It’s all about speaking up for yourself, understanding what you bring to the table, and going after opportunities that pay off in more ways than one.

2. Learn from J.K. Rowling: How Perseverance Pays Off Financially

J.K. Rowling, the genius behind Harry Potter, has a big lesson for us about money: never give up.

Despite facing tons of rejections and setbacks, she kept pushing forward with her writing dreams.

From being a struggling single mom to becoming one of the richest authors ever, her story shows us the power of sticking to your guns and believing in yourself.

Remember her famous quote? “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

Basically, she’s saying it’s okay to stumble on the way to your financial goals – in fact, it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all.

Looking at Rowling’s life, we see how important it is to keep going when things get tough. She didn’t let rejection letters or financial struggles stop her from chasing her dreams. Instead, she kept at it, showing us that success often comes to those who refuse to give up.

Her story teaches us that resilience and determination are key to financial success. Even when life throws curveballs, staying focused on your goals can lead to big payoffs.

Plus, investing in what you love, like Rowling did with her writing, can eventually lead to financial stability.

So, take it from J.K. Rowling: embrace failures as part of the journey, keep pushing forward, and you’ll reach your financial goals before you know it.

3. Oprah’s Advice: Surround Yourself with Supportive People and Persevere


You’ve probably heard Oprah Winfrey say, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”

It’s all about having a positive crew around you – folks who lift you up not only in personal growth but also in your financial journey. Being with people who are smart with money, driven, and encouraging can really help you along the way.

Another thing Oprah says is, “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

This is all about going after what you want without fear. It’s her way of saying, “Don’t hold back – chase those dreams!”

Now, let’s talk about perseverance. Oprah’s life story is a prime example. She came from a tough background but didn’t let that stop her.

She faced all kinds of challenges and criticisms, but she kept pushing forward. That resilience is a big reason for her success.

Financially, Oprah teaches us the importance of investing in ourselves. She’s all about continuous learning and growing – personally and professionally. That’s how she built her media empire and made the most of opportunities that came her way.

And let’s not forget about giving back. Oprah’s big on using her wealth and influence to make the world a better place. She shows us that true wealth isn’t just about money – it’s about making a positive impact on others.

So, the lesson from Oprah is clear: Surround yourself with good people, keep pushing forward, invest in yourself, and use your success to help others. That’s how you make a difference in the world.

4. Adele’s Money Wisdom: Be True to Yourself for Financial Success


We all know Adele for her incredible voice and heartfelt songs. But did you know she’s got some great money advice too? Her journey to success teaches us a valuable lesson in being authentic and staying true to ourselves.

You’ve probably heard her say, “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

What she means is that she’s all about the music – not the fame or money that comes with it. She’s focused on connecting with people through her voice and her songs, not flashy visuals or commercial stuff.

Another thing we can learn from Adele is about investing in ourselves. She became a superstar because she’s amazing at what she does – and she worked hard to get there.

By pouring her heart and soul into her music, she showed us that success comes when we believe in ourselves and our talents.

Adele once said, “I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.” This shows us that when we follow our passions and stay true to ourselves, financial success often follows naturally.

So, let’s take a page from Adele’s book: be genuine, work hard, stay true to yourself, and don’t worry about keeping up with others – and financial success will come knocking.

5. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lesson: Embrace Change and Advocate for Yourself


Ever heard Sheryl Sandberg’s quote, “Option A is not available. So let’s kick the [heck] out of Option B”?

It’s all about being resilient and adaptable when life throws curveballs, especially when it comes to money matters. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but by staying flexible and finding new ways forward, you can keep moving towards your financial goals.

Another quote from Sheryl that’s worth remembering is, “Done is better than perfect.” This one’s about taking action and making progress, even if things aren’t flawless.

It’s all about learning from mistakes and striving for improvement – important parts of any financial journey.

Sheryl Sandberg is big on advocating for fair compensation, especially for women.

She’s all about closing the gender pay gap and empowering women to stand up for equal pay. She encourages women to know their worth, do their homework, and be confident in negotiations.

And let’s not forget about taking risks and seizing opportunities.

Her quote, “I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills,” really hits home. It’s all about empowering women to embrace their strengths and go after their dreams, regardless of what anyone else says.

Sheryl urges women to step out of their comfort zones and go after leadership roles where they can make a real impact. She believes in empowering women to embrace their leadership skills and break free from stereotypes.

So, remember, ladies, you have the power to advocate for yourselves and achieve financial success. Take a page from Sheryl Sandberg’s book – negotiate for fair pay, aim high in your career, and don’t be afraid to kick some [heck] when Plan A doesn’t work out.

6. Emma Watson: Advocate for Financial Empowerment


You probably know Emma Watson as the brilliant Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, but did you know she’s also a fierce advocate for women’s financial independence?

She’s all about empowering women through education and control over their money.

One of my favourite quotes from Emma is: “I’ve never understood people who are satisfied with what they have. The world would be a much better place if everyone strived to be more successful, driven by their passions and dreams.”

It’s not directly about money, but it’s all about chasing your dreams and never settling for less – something we can all learn from.

Emma’s big on financial literacy, especially for women. She’s spoken up about the gender pay gap and the need for women to be financially independent.

Her message is clear: everyone should understand their finances, fight for fair pay, and take charge of their financial future.

So, let’s take a cue from Emma Watson: keep pushing for success, educating ourselves about money, and standing up for equality – that’s the way to make the world a better place for everyone.

7. Serena Williams’ Lesson: Hard Work Pays Off


Serena Williams, the tennis legend, has a big lesson for us: success isn’t about luck – it’s about putting in the work.

She says, “Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.”

What she means is that she didn’t just stumble into success – she worked hard for it. Whether it’s practicing tennis, getting an education, or improving her skills, Serena knows that consistent effort and dedication are key to reaching your financial goals.

Another thing we can learn from Serena is about diversifying income. Sure, she’s a tennis champ, but she’s also a savvy businesswoman.

She’s into fashion, investments, and endorsements – all ways to bring in money outside of tennis. By investing in herself and her brand, Serena sets herself up for long-term financial success.

One of her quotes that really shows her spirit is: “I’ve never been the right kind of woman. Oversized and overconfident.

Too mean if I don’t smile. Too black for my tennis whites. Too motivated for motherhood. But I am proving, time and time again, there’s no wrong way to be a woman.”

This quote might not be about money directly, but it’s all about Serena’s resilience and confidence in facing challenges and breaking barriers – qualities that have surely helped her financially too.

So, let’s take it from Serena Williams: put in the work, diversify your income, and believe in yourself – that’s the winning formula for financial success.

8. Taylor Swift’s Lesson: True Wealth Goes Beyond Money


Taylor Swift has some wisdom to share about more than just music – she’s all about happiness and confidence.

She says, “Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.” What she means is that feeling good about yourself is way more important than any fancy clothes or big bank account.

Another quote of hers that really shows her values is: “Success is not about making money. It’s about making a difference.”

This sums up Taylor’s perspective on success. She thinks it’s not just about how much money you have – it’s about the positive impact you make on the world.

One big lesson we can learn from Taylor is about standing up for ourselves and others. Remember when she called out Apple Music for not paying artists during their free trial period?

That move showed us the importance of fighting for fair treatment and fair pay in any business deal.

And let’s not forget about diversifying income. Taylor’s not just a singer – she’s a businesswoman too. She’s partnered with all kinds of companies, from Diet Coke to Disney, showing us the power of using our skills and influence to make money in different ways.

So, take it from Taylor Swift: focus on what makes you happy, make a difference in the world, stand up for yourself, and be smart about your money – that’s the real recipe for success.

9. Michelle Obama’s Lesson: Making a Difference Matters Most


Michelle Obama has some valuable advice about success. She says, “Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

What she’s getting at is that it’s not all about the money – it’s about how you impact others.

Her lesson is all about aligning your financial decisions with your values. Instead of chasing wealth for its own sake, focus on making a positive difference in the world.

By making choices that reflect what matters to you, you’ll find more fulfilment and purpose in your financial life.

Another important lesson from Michelle Obama is about financial education and empowerment, especially for women and marginalized communities.

She’s big on promoting financial literacy and access to education because she knows it’s key to achieving stability and success.

So, remember, success isn’t just about the cash – it’s about the difference you make. Let Michelle Obama’s wisdom guide you as you navigate your financial journey.

10. Gloria Steinem’s Surprising Money Wisdom: Money is More Than Just Pounds and Pennies


You might know Gloria Steinem for her feminist activism, but did you know she’s got some great money advice too?

One of her famous quotes goes like this: “We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.”

What she’s saying is that money isn’t everything – it’s just a tool we can use for good or bad. It’s all about how we handle it. Steinem wants us to think about money in a smart way, using it to support our values and dreams instead of letting it control us.

Another quote of hers that I love is: “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry.”

This one’s all about women taking charge of their own lives and finances. Steinem believes in women being independent and self-sufficient, especially when it comes to money.

One big lesson we can learn from Steinem is about women being financially independent.

She thinks it’s super important for women to have control over their own money – whether that’s earning their own cash, managing their finances, or making sure they get paid fairly.

In a nutshell, Steinem teaches us that money isn’t just about numbers – it’s about over values such as freedom and empowerment.

So, let’s take her advice and make sure we’re in control of our own financial futures.

Over to You

So, what’s the main thing you learned today?

These financial lessons from inspirational women offers valuable insights and guidance on how to handle our own finances.

Whether it’s finding people who can support you, dealing with fears, grabbing opportunities, handling risks, spreading out your investments, or staying strong when things get tough, use these insights to motivate and empower yourself to take charge of your money and aim for financial success.

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