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Debt is real and I am here to help you get out of it and be free once and for all. Click below for a free coaching call to get started.


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Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Your debts seem to getting bigger and bigger.
  • You flinch whenever you check your bank balance.
  • You worry that you’ll never be able to retire.
  • You think financial freedom is just a pipe dream.  
  • You are scared of losing your home, your car, and your dreams.
  • You struggle to keep up with payments.
  • Your debt consumes a lot of your income and holds you back from achieving your important financial goals.
  • You are in the sand when it comes to your finances.
  • You try to dig yourself out of debt, only to fall even deeper.

If you are feeling ANY of these, you are in the right place.

How It Works

Working with me is easy

1. Schedule an Appointment

This is a hassle-free, no-obligation call to get to know each other a bit. It gives me a chance to hear more about your situation, your goals and dreams as well as gives you a chance to see if we'll be a good fit.

2. Create a Plan Together

Once we outline your areas of biggest need, I will send you a custom report on how we can work together to get you out of debt fast.

3. Work the Plan Together

True change comes when behavior is adjusted, not simply understanding concepts. I'm here to coach you along the way to help you reach your goals and experience a year of financial transformation.

"For those of you who think you can’t afford a financial coach, think again! Can I really afford that, I hear you ask? I urge you to contact Esther. She will listen to your current situation, your goals and dreams, then create an action plan for your financial success."

- Angela

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The debt payoff planner is an excellent tool to pin down your debts so you can stay organised, focused and motivated to can reach your goal.

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Debt Free Planner - Debt Payoff Planner

It’s Hard Enough to Be in Debt.
But You Don’t Have to Get Out of It Alone

Getting out of debt can be challenging. I understand how it feels to wonder where your money goes each month. Or feel frustrated by the idea of planning for a stable financial future when today is still so uncertain. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and I can show you how.

Helping others especially women not make the same financial mistakes I made in the past is my passion.

I had too much debt, felt overwhelmed and choked. Sometimes, I struggled to sleep or eat properly because I was worrying about debt. I decided to get out once and for all. I figured out how to get out of debt fast, so I can live life on my terms and not on the creditor’s.

Many of us hire a personal trainer to help us get into shape, a travel agent to help us get great holiday packages, and even a mechanic to fix our car. Why not hire a coach to help you get out of debt and take back control of your financial life.

Working with me as your coach is simple. Let’s schedule a call and talk about your financial dreams, assess your financial situation, and figure out what you want achieve. Then I will give you a report, it's kind of a strategy of what I think you should be doing to leverage your money to to turn your financial dreams into reality.

If you want, I will hold your hand, we will create a customise plan to help you get out of debt fast, and execute it together. In a few months' time, you will not recognise yourself or your finances. You will move from financial overwhelm to financial peace and from financial confusion to financial confidence.

Without a coach, you will likely make several costly mistakes which are going to cost you life’s most valuable commodity: time, money and financial independence. With a coach, you will be getting out of debt on the shoulders of thousands who have gone before.

Schedule your appointment and let’s get started on your journey to debt freedom. To schedule an appointment, simply click HERE.

"She is always there to offer you support as and when you need it. I took the leap! In just 3 months my debt has reduced significantly, I now know where I’m heading and where I want to be. It’s no different than using a fitness coach but for your personal finances. Trust me, you’ll see the results."

- Sophie

The Debt Free Coach

Hi, I'm Esther.

I help women get out of debt quickly so they can achieve financial independence.

In fact, I first started my blog, Money Nuggets, in 2015 after paying off £32,000 of debt in 2 years!

Honestly, I was kind-of a financial disaster in almost every way. Too much debt, not enough money, nor time to stay financially organised.

Over the past few years, I’ve gone from financial overwhelm and knowing nothing about money to taking control of my finances and achieving my money goals.

If I can do this so, can you!

Schedule your free consultation!

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