How to Reach Your Goals When You Can’t Afford a Coach

Goals-You-Can’t-Afford-a-CoachWhat do I do if I can’t afford a coach?

We all know the power of having someone you can be accountable to, who can share questioning tools and techniques to help you develop and work past all those inner self-doubt gremlins.

Working with a professional can help you to view the world and yourself differently. That person can help you get to where you want to be, quicker than you can on your own.

However, not all of us can afford to pay for the wisdom of a coach. So what do you do when you can’t afford a coach? Give up? No, never!

I am going to share a little secret with you, one that some other coaches may never share. I’m going to give you the key to hitting your goals when you can’t afford a coach. I call it ‘The Five Rs’…

The Next Best Thing When You Can’t Afford a Coach

1. Review

First things first. Decide WHAT you are working towards. Reaching your goals in an ongoing process, but you need to know what you are aiming for first. Start with SMART goals in mind

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Action Focused
  • Realistic
  • Time bound

And review your progress at a rate that suits you and the goal. That could be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

You will be ‘checking in’ on yourself regularly through your daily reflections and your mentor (see below for more on why and how to get a mentor).

Celebrate your success and always ask yourself: “Is this goal still relevant to me?” Ask yourself if it’s something you still want to have, be, or do!

2. Read

Expand your mind and your perspectives by reading books. From the biographies of people you admire, to topics such as coaching, personal development, leadership and marketing.

If you want an easy start, check out the Money Nuggets resource page or join my book club on Facebook. Otherwise, just head to your local bookshop or library and have some fun browsing. What will catch your eye?

3. Read some more

Bloggers are taking over the world – in a good way. It’s a free way to access reams of tips, techniques and challenges.

Many writers have their own blogs and many bloggers become authors. The fact you are here, reading this article, shows you are have already started your personal development journey.

Pinterest is a great place to search for blogs you like and keep them, themed, in one place. Most (like mine!) have a subscribe option, where they can be sent straight into your inbox or on a relevant blogging feed.

4. Reflect

It can be hard to see how you are developing and the progress you are making when you are living it, day-to-day. We all know our nails and hair grow but can’t see the daily movement.

Get into the habit of noting your progress on a regular basis.

A gratitude journal, bullet journal or simple to-do list are great ways of tracking how you are doing.  Visit this every day, or week, to start tracking what you are doing. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What have you achieved?
  • What worked for you?
  • What hasn’t been as successful?
  • Why?

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5. Reach out

It may surprise you to find you are surrounded by mentors. People who can hold you accountable. Share their experience and help you carve out the career or business you want.

All for the cost of a cuppa! Consider the people in your life and their work history who are supportive. Drop them an email or ask them next time you are then if they would mentor you.

There are “The Five Rs” to reaching your goals even if you can’t afford a coach. Which one will you do first?

Over to you 

Have you reached a goal without a professional help? Or are you looking to achieve something but don’t know where to start? Share your comments and tips with us here.

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Clara Wilcox

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  1. I believe we can achieve anything we put our minds to, if we work hard enough.
    The fact that we live in the era of information is actually a great help! Blogs and other online sources have helped me a lot throughout the years and, of course, they still do 🙂

    1. Hi Adriana, thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. I totally agree, we can achieve anything we set our mind to. The key is no never give up on our goals and dreams.

  2. I gain a lot from self help books and blogs. Lovely tips here.

  3. These are fab. I think checking in with yourself can be so underrated. It’s such a helpful thing to do when trying to achieve a specific goal.

  4. I like this approach, as it’s not always financially viable to have a coach but these a great techniques for moving towards our goals

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