My Top 9 Personal Finance Books of All Time You Should Read Now

best-personal-finance-books-of-all-timeIt’s World’s Book Day today – hooray!!!.

In celebration of World Books Day, I’d like to share my best personal finance books of all time everyone should read.

You can read these in your cosy comfotable space, in your favourite chair, or even listen to them on Audible on your way to work.

It doesn’t really matter where. But at least save them to your favourites so you can quickly find them later.

My 9 Best Personal Finance Books of All Time

1. The Automatic Millionaire

This is probably one of the most entertaining money books I’ve ever read. The chapters are short, fun, and full of unconventional money wisdom.

It’s hard to put down. And once you’ve read it. You’ll want to read it many more times.

Don’t get me wrong though – this book doesn’t uncover any revolutionary secrets.

In fact, it’s probably the opposite. Instead it uncovers all the “common sense” that most people ignore. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

2. The Total Money Makeover

I have to warn you ahead of time…This book is full of page after page of “tough-love”. With no sugar-coating.
Just as you can makeover your body or your home, you can makeover your financial situation.

In his bold, straight-talking style, David Ramsey tears apart plenty of money myths — from get-rich-quick schemes to debt consolidation.
The steps Ramsey advocates are small and easy enough to action, but over time they accumulate and you’ll see sustainable results. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

3. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

If your goal is to become a millionaire, this book will help you develop the mindset you need to become one.
I love the practical financial planning that shows you how you can start becoming a millionaire today with as little as £1.

The exercises will help you reprogram your mind to start thinking like a millionaire.  Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

Another good read in a similar vein is the Instant Millionaire. This book (like many of my favourite money books) teaches through a story.

It’s essentially an easy-to-read instruction manual on becoming an instant millionaire in a fictional tale.

A short book to read over and over again. It was one of the first books that I read from cover to cover without putting down in a long time! Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

4. Love is Not Enough

Webb is sassy, entertaining writer who encourages women to challenge their own reluctance to engage with financial matters.

Working on the basis that Prince Charming isn’t going to come riding by and share his fortune, this puts the impetus on us women to take financial control for ourselves.
Webb discusses everything from shopping sprees to boosting your income, pre-nups, pension plans to ISAs, and does so in a way which is accessible, unpatronising, and frequently amusing. Kindle, and paperback version available here.

5. You Are a Badass at Making Money

Do you want to improve your money mindset, wealth consciousness and attract more money and abundance? This book will certainly help you with this.

It’s essentially a formula for creating high impact in your personal finances.
Funny and insightful, this book gives excellent financial advice on becoming wealthy and having a better relationship with money.

And if you’re looking to create dramatic results in your personal finances in a short time frame, then I recommend reading a few chapters from this book every day. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

6. Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

By the same author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. This book highlights the mistakes many of us make, and how we can correct them.
The book inspired me to take action and allowed me to “see” things in my personal finances that I was blind to before. And I’m betting it will uncover some breakthroughs for you as well. Kindle, and paperback version available here.


7. Your Money or Your Life 

A book that will transform the way you view your money and life. It deals with the spiritual and emotional aspect of money and will most certainly change the way you look at earning and spending money.
It will help you identify the few critical activities that will produce the most result in achieving your money goals faster. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.


8. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Reading this inspiring book will make you realise that you don’t need to be a high earner to be rich.

You’ll learn the crucial difference between making your money work for you, and you working for your money.
Kiyosaki also inspires you to pass this knowledge down to your children, nieces, nephews and other young people in your life. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.


9. The Richest Man in Babylon

I have this book in both paperback, kindle and audio form so that I can listen to it on my walks. Because this is one book, I listen to AT LEAST once a year.

Despite what the world might tell you, there are actually only a FEW things that really matter and this is especially true with our personal finances.
Taking inspiration from the ‘Babylonian parables’ this is a book of stories that will inspire you to become a better saver, plan for your financial future and build wealth. Kindle, Audible, and paperback version available here.

Your Turn!

So, there you have it! My best personal finance books of all time. I truly hope you find the key to unlocking your financially savvy future, just like I did, from reading these money books.
I’d love to know your best money books in the comments below and if you have a list of money books, I should add to my reading list, do let me know!

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