13 Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

Best Jobs for Stay At Home MumsLooking for creative ways to make money? Here is a list of 13 best jobs for stay at home mums that are flexible and satisfying.  

According to parenting website Netmums.com, 70% of women would prefer to be a stay at home mum when their children are young rather than returning to work after maternity leave. After you’ve had a baby, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to take a few years off work to raise them.

However, this is not always financially possible. According to a survey conducted by uSwitch, close to 30% of new mums end up in debt as a result of taking maternity leave.

This research also revealed that one in ten mothers felt they had to return to work before they were ready due to financial pressures.

There’s no doubt that being a stay at home mum has its advantages. However, if you’re short on cash, you may feel like there’s no way in which you can achieve the best of both worlds; being with your child whilst bringing in extra income.

Fortunately, there are jobs for stay at home mums that are flexibility and satisfying. Here are a few ways you can boost your family income and still enjoy spending time with your child.

13 Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums 

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

1. Start A Blog

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

One of the best jobs for stay at home mums is blogging if done right. Did you know you can make a 6-figure income from running your own blog?

These days, anyone can set up a blog sharing their unique skills, knowledge, and experience with others, and making money via product placement, advertisements, and sponsored projects.

You can use a platform like WordPress or Wix to get up and running within minutes. You’ll need to pick a topic that resonates with readers and make the effort to build up a following, but the rewards will be worth it!

A great way to start a self-hosted WordPress blog on the cheap is to buy your domain and hosting from Bluehost for just £3 a month and follow our simple, step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog and make money.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

If you have a knack for engaging people online and driving traffic, this can be one of the most profitable ways to make money as a stay at home mum. You can also use your blog to get started as an affiliate marketer.

Successful marketers usually set up a blog on a particular topic, grow an online following, then promote carefully-selected products to their audience. They then receive commission on sales. You can learn more about affiliate marketing and read a guide on setting up a campaign here.

3. Become a Freelancer

If you’ve already got skills in marketing, copywriting, or web design or development, consider registering on sites such as Upwork or Fiverr.

Competition can be fierce, but if you’ve got the necessary credentials you should be able to earn a good supplementary income. For more information on becoming a freelancer check out our handy guide on how to kick-start a freelance career.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

If you’re confident in your computer skills, becoming a virtual assistant may be a good option for you. Many companies outsource their admin tasks such as data entry, transcription and answering emails, and many will pay a decent wage for your services.

However, you’ll need a broadband connection and computer to do it. The Society of Virtual Assistants has plenty of information and guidance.

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5. Board Some Furry Friends

If you’d rather offer pet care over childcare, why not start a dog boarding service? With many pet owners requiring full or part-time care for their dogs whilst they’re out at work, you won’t be short of clients if you live in a town or city.

You will need to check with your Local Authority for advice when setting up your business as each has its own set of requirements. You may receive an inspection to prove that you have enough room to board dogs.

6. Use Your Creative Talents to Make Money

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

If you’re a gifted painter, talented seamstress, or love baking cupcakes, use your unique talents to start a business by selling online. This is one of the most popular ways to make money as a stay at home mum because it can be both fun and profitable.

Before you start, do your research. See what’s available on the market already and assess whether or not you can offer something that would sell well to your target audience.

Sites such as Etsy are ideal to get you started. Alternatively, consider selling at local craft fairs and markets.

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7. Build Your Own Publishing Business

Do you love writing? Have you ever dreamed of passing on your knowledge and experience by writing a book? It’s never been easier to publish and sell your work online.

Whether you have an idea for a series of short stories or want to publish non-fiction books on your favourite hobby, it’s now easy to sell your knowledge thanks to the internet.

You’re unlikely to get rich, but if you tap into a popular niche you can make a nice side income.

Check out Amazon’s guide to self-publishing to get started.

8. Become An Online Teacher

Online education is seeing a boom right now. If you’re an expert with knowledge and skills to share with the world, why not become an online teacher?

You can write and deliver an online course as an instructor on education platforms such as Udemy. This is the perfect option if you have a passion or background in teaching or training.

9. Learn Lucrative Skills that will Make You Money

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

If you’d like to work at home in the long-term, investing in a profitable course that teaches you a skill such as web design, photograpy, social media marketing, copywriting or graphic design may prove to be a profitable decision.

You’re in the unique position of having the time to practice and hone your skills (whilst baby is sleeping) and develop your business at a pace that suits you.

It’s one of the most flexible ways to make money as a stay at home mum. Check out online learning resources such as Udemy  to get started.

10. Become a Childminder

Childminding is another of the most popular ways to make money as a stay at home mum. If you like children, it’s the perfect job for you.

The law states that you’re permitted to look after up to 6 children; up to three under the age of 5, and three more between the ages of 5 and 8.

You’ll need to be registered with Ofsted, and you’ll also need to contact your local authority to find out if you need a pre-registration briefing. You’ll also require a DBS check to ensure you have the skills and qualities needed to look after children.

For more information on becoming a childminder check out our handy guide on how to become a childminder.

11. Moderate A Message Board

There are hundreds of thousands of online communities – and they need people to help keep users in line.

As an online moderator, you will work to make sure offensive or inappropriate content is flagged in chat rooms, forums, and message boards.

There are plenty of opportunities for remote and shift work, so this can be a good option for mums who want a part-time online job.

If you speak another language you will definitely be in demand, because companies need people to moderate online communities located in countries across the world.

Check out online community moderator jobs at Glassdoor here.

12. Start A Consulting Service

Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

If you worked in a field you loved before having children, why not keep your knowledge up to date and earn money at the same time by offering your services as a consultant?

This option takes quite a bit of planning and possibly marketing in order to find clients, but if you pull it off the rewards are numerous. You can schedule clients at a time to suit you and earn a good salary.

Check out this guide to setting up as a freelance consultant.

13. Get Flipping!

Do you have a talent for spotting a bargain? Flipping, also known as reselling, could be a nice side project for you. Online flipping is simply the art of buying items at a low price then reselling them for profit.

You can buy your wares at charity shops or flea markets, or even order them from online auctions and discount websites. To succeed, you’ll need to develop sound market awareness so you know what will sell.

If you’re interested in finding out more about flipping, start by checking out this brief guide.

Don’t Forget the Important Things

If you’re earning money, it’s important to register as self-employed at Gov.uk. You have three months to do this. Registering as a sole trader is very simple and it’s easy to do.

Each year, you’ll have to submit a tax return in which you outline how much you’ve earned. If it’s over £12,500, you’ll have to pay tax.

Over to You

What are your best jobs for stay at home mums? If you’ve made some extra cash, pass on your tips in the comments section.


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13 Best Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

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