The Beginner’s Guide to Debt Management Series

Debt Management Series - introduction to managing your debt_optWelcome to our guide to Debt Management Series – the first of many financial series to come.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your debt, especially if you don’t know where you stand or where to start; this series is for you.

Here you will find series of helpful posts about different types of debt and tips on how to manage your debts.

You will find articles about all types of debt, alongside the good, bad and the ugly. From credit cards to student loans and simple, practical advice about managing your debts so you get the best out of your finances.

You will also find helpful comments shared by our readers about how they handle their debt situation.

Here at Money Nuggets we believe that knowledge is power. Educating yourself about your finances is the first step to clearing your debt. We hope the information here will help to put you on the path to being debt free.

Please feel free to share your experiences of debt management with us and any topic you would like to see here – we always love to hear from you.

Part 1 :: Introduction to Managing Your Debt

Part 2 :: What is APR: Get the Best out of Your Borrowing

Part 3 :: Student Loans: A Guide to University Debt

Part 4 :: The Complete Guide to Credit Cards

Part 5 :: The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Loans

Part 6 :: The Complete Guide to Payday Loan

Part 7 :: The Complete Guide to Overdrafts

Part 8 :: The Complete Guide to Store Cards

Part 9 :: What is a Credit Score: How does it work and why it is important

Part 10 ::  What is Hire Purchase

Part 11 ::  How Does Car Finance Work? A Helpful Guide

Part 11 :: How to Borrow From Family and Friends – without Losing the Love

Part 12 :: Bankruptcy 101: What is Bankruptcy?

Part 13 :: Bankruptcy 101: How Do I Declare Bankruptcy

Part 14 :: 10 Lessons Learnt from Paying Off £48K

Part 15 :: 5 Practical Tips for Managing Your Debt – A Really Short Guide

beginner's guide to debt management